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Data source agnostic

  • Standalone, client-side application.
  • Can connect to any number of sources, of different types, at the same time.
  • Communicates though the APIs exposed by the source.
  • Supports for data sources is extensible via plugins.

Designed for ad-hoc view composition

  • Drag and drop series from any sources directly on the chart view.
  • Mix series from different sources on the same view.
  • Allows charts overlay: create charts with several Y axis and a shared time line.
  • Highly customizable views; choose chart types, change series colours, transparency, legends, etc…
  • Save you work session to a file at any time, to be reopened later or shared with someone else.

Smooth navigation

  • Mouse driven zoom of both X and Y axis.
  • Drag and drop composition.
  • Browser-like, forward & backward navigation of zoom history.
  • Advanced time-range selection widget.
  • The tabs holding the chart views can be detached into separate windows.
  • Charts from different tabs/windows can be synchronized to a common time line.

Fast, responsive & aesthetically pleasing visuals

  • Built on top of JavaFX for a modern look and cross-platform, hardware accelerated graphics.
  • Three different UI themes, to better integrate with host OS and fit user preferences.

Java based application

  • Cross-platform: works great on Linux, macOS and Windows desktops!
  • Strong performances, even under heavy load (dozens of charts with dozens of series and thousands of samples).