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Keyboard shortcuts


Command Shortcut
Create a new workspace Ctrl + N
Open an existing workspace Ctrl + O
Save changes made to a workspace Ctrl + S
Save a workspace under a different name Ctrl + Shift + S

Source Pane

Command Shortcut
Hide the source pane Ctrl + L
Find in source pane Ctrl + F


Command Shortcut
Back Alt +
Forward Alt +
Refresh F5 or Ctrl + R
Expend/Reduce series view Ctrl + M
Save Snapshot Ctrl + P
Create a new worksheet Ctrl + T
Close the current worksheet Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4
Reopen a previously closed worksheet Ctrl + Shift + T

Charts Worksheets

Command Shortcut
Remove the selected series from chart Delete
Enlarge / reduce charts height Shift + mouse wheel
Zoom in or out a worksheet’s time range Ctrl + mouse wheel
Pan left or right on the current worksheet Alt + mouse wheel

Logs Worksheets

Command Shortcut
Filter logs events Ctrl + K
Add/remove current filter from favorites Crtl + D
Find in current worksheet Ctrl + F
Remove the selected log file(s) Delete


Command Shortcut
Display online help F1
Open debug console F12
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